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Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. TALENT



Their role is to go well beyond the typical report that merely is filed and forgotten.”  

Richard Brenner, AT&T


“As you talk to them, you soon begin to realize that these are very special people.” 

Jim Bahn, Stallion Technologies

“They are wise, witty, and wonderful people who know their crafts well.” 

Rolland Kwok, Canadian Solar

At Hamlin Harkins, Ltd., the enormous variety of organizations we have worked with and the many projects we have worked on have taught us much.

We understand there are many ways to approach organizational challenges.  Ultimately, however, the quality of the results and recommendations is a function of the people who tackle them.

We are proud – and fortunate – to have a team of senior talent with hearts, smarts, honesty and accountability. The Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. team is professional, flexible, committed and fun to work with for every challenge.

Simply put, we are convinced it is the best in the business.

Feel free to read the in-depth biographies of our key people.

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