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Services Overview

“You get a depth and a wealth of experience, from people who know how to work together.”  

Rolland Kwok  Hitachi

Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. is here to support the growth and evolution of your organization, providing you with access to fresh and original ideas from senior level people in a wide range of specialties. You will benefit from seasoned advisors from a remarkable diversity of “core disciplines, including: marketing, finance, communications, human resources, research, and strategic planning.

All our work is supported by Cascade®, our advanced research and positioning method, to ensure you have the secrets for the most powerful performance possible.


The Cascade approach provided much richer insights than any other messaging approach I have used in 20 years of marketing and business development! Using the outcomes gave us crisp messages that instantly resonated with our potential client base and important insights on our business as a whole. As the person at the frontline, I felt an instant difference in the reception I received when introducing PARC and our unique offering to new senior executives.”  

Jennifer Ernst
Vice President
Parc, a Xerox Company



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