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Global Business Development

Building on experience in more than 40 countries, we have extensive relationships to help companies open new markets for services and products around the globe.

We assist clients to:

  • Prepare market penetration plans
  • Vet and introduce strategic partners in key regions
  • Introduce qualified sales channels
  • Serve as the sales and marketing team for clients to develop market traction

For example, we opened:

  • the commercial GPS market in China for Trimble Navigation;
  • the micronutrient market in Asia for AgTec Innovations Smart Zinc green fertilizers;
  • the nutraceutical product expansion from Asia to the US for InterhealthNeutraceuticals; and
  • newly introducing the event management technology solution market for Fezzee, Ltd. from Europe to the US.

To expedite your “GO TO MARKET” global plans, contact us for effective, efficient solutions.

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