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Hello, I’m Donna Hamlin, founder and CEO of Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. Welcome and thank you for visiting our company website.

In 1982, I left the comfort of the much-admired, Jack Welch-run General Electric Company, moved to the center of the business world, Silicon Valley, and started this firm. The vision was to help emerging businesses achieve success in smarter, creative ways. Twenty-eight years later, I’m proud of the many clients who have entrusted us to do just that.

Clients in more than 30 countries – large and small, well-known and emerging – rely on us for fresh, breakthrough approaches to drive business improvements and results.

Professionals from Lockheed, AT&T, Volkswagen, Apple Computer, Philips International, IBM, John Deere, Visa, even my old alma mater, GE, to name a few, seek us out because we take a different slant on how to tackle issues and challenges of organizational performance.

One foundation of our firm is penetrating research – about how customers, prospects, employees and audiences think. We invented Cascade, our proprietary, advanced research tool to develop positioning strategies for high tech clients, giving them a well-delineated competitive edge. Building on our client success in positioning, we expanded the marketing application of Cascade to overall strategic planning, marketing communications, and new product development. We apply Cascade to better understand, appraise and communicate with employees and help shape smarter human resource planning and organizational development.

We are excited by the awards Cascade have received. American Marketing Association published articles describing our successes. GE granted us an award for our contribution to corporate performance. The International Communication Association recognized Cascade for its contribution to communication research.

A second foundation of our firm is taking a whole view in helping clients. We developed a multi-disciplinary team of experts to ensure we can address any oganizational challenge at any stage of a company’s life cycle: start-ups, companies needing new options for growth, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures have all relied on us. For each, we craft the ideal team of diverse expertise to design an integrated approach to the challenge. Clients tells us this approach produces wiser, innovative and more sustainable solutions.

Since we now have nearly three decades under our belts, clients are most interested in the judgement and discernment we’ve nurtured that gives them consultive direction grounded in the rich, robust and irreplaceable value of experience.

What makes me most grateful – and proud -- is the quality and duration of relationships we have with our clients and the Hamlin Harkins professionals who support them.

Our average client relationships lasts 15.4 years. Our associate tenure is 23.3 years. I believe this network of relationships, or our business family, endures because of the values we place on professional integrity, personal honesty and a ‘tell it straight’ approach. I expect this from myself, the associates I have personally hand-picked to join the firm and from the clients we’ve supported since 1982.

It’s the Hamlin Harkins advantage. Come join our family.


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