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Executive Coaching

“I take pride in continually learning. And I’ve learned I have my blind spots and opportunity areas. Coaching helped me objectively identify these areas and build a top –tier, customized plan of action for improvement. My Hamlin Harkins coach has been instrumental in helping me become a more effective, authentic, and appreciative leader.”


“I would never have gotten to where I am today without coaching. I believe coaching is a critical element of leadership development. It is not about “fixing” people. It's about expanding them. Coaching makes people stronger and teaches them how to use their talents wisely. This adds velocity to a person's ability to lead well. Dr. Hamlin's coaching has been invaluable to me in so many ways.
Leadership development in organizations today seems woefully inadequate. Companies need to see this as a core competency. People development should never be left to chance if a company is serious about success.”

-  Steve Harper, Executive Vice President, HEB.

Companies that want consistent performance improvement know they must have strong, competent leaders to fulfill this mission. Executive coaching is one of the most effective organizational means companies use to help build effective leadership skills.

Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. has one of the best executive coaching in USA offerings in the country. We help professional discover and develop personal competencies that insure sustainable success for themselves and their organizations.

We support development of conscious leaders, professionals and organizational teams so they can:

  • Fulfill their visions,
  • Broaden their possibilities for achieving success,
  • Expand their thinking,
  • Improve the meaning of their work,
  • Build on their strengths, and
  • Enhance the quality of their relationships with colleagues and partners.

We believe leadership capabilities can be groomed. We begin by understanding a professional's strengths as a foundation for development. Then, with skillful coaching and conscious plans to provide professionals with experiences to round out their existing competencies, we help leaders to more quickly take on greater accountability and make greater contributions to their organizations. As professionals become aware of how they are viewed and what their impact on others is through the coaching process, they make informed choices about how to change and improve.

If you have a professional stepping into a new position who needs to insure solid and fast success, coaching is ideal. A manager who needs to define a leadership philosophy to succeed in a new company culture is a typical coaching opportunity, as is working with high potential performers so they can rapidly progress in their careers.

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