Strategic Planning by hamlinharkins

February 28th, 2011

Strategic planning is the essence of the positioning process. It is here that fresh new ideas from Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. can point the way towards new opportunities for business success — long before such opportunities become obvious.

We help clients understand the dynamics of change at work within their specific organizations. Then, we help match the clients’ core competencies to the change at work in their industry. Working with senior executive teams, we facilitate sessions to shape sustainable strategies and effective action plans.

Our clients often discover the result of this effort involves a redefinition of “value” in the market. Because our thinking is unfettered by traditional approaches, we consistently help our clients envision new market opportunities, while developing and strengthening existing customer relationships.

To succeed in today’s competitive and volatile business environment, merely planning for tomorrow is no longer enough. Business organizations must possess the vision to redefine, renew, and — if necessary — reinvent their role. Our clients look to Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. to help them create this new vision — and then put it to work.

Based on years of strategic planning, we now offer a diagnostic tool – Pulse © – which gathers insights from participants in the planning team prior to the session. This online tool allows individuals an efficient and confidential way to identify key issues, challenges and topics they feel require attention. Using Pulse allows the team to spend more of their group time together focusing on creative solutions, since challenges are “pre-identified”.

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October 16th, 2010

In today’s dynamic , competitive business environment, reacting to change no longer is enough. To succeed in volatile markets, you must have the vision to anticipate the drivers of change, along with the ability to execute innovation strategies which are unfettered by conventional thinking