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Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. Advantage

Today’s market is dynamic and unpredictable. Effectively navigating your business through an environment buffeted by rapid change and competitive forces is a considerable challenge and a strategic necessity. In response to these demands, corporations increasingly turn to experts for help to provide knowledge and experience not available within their own organizations.

Since our inception in 1982, Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. has assisted in the growth and evolution of more than four hundred of the world’s leading corporations by providing The Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. Advantage: delivering fresh, effective, accelerated solutions in every stage of a company's development.

Many of our clients have been so satisfied with the results they have encouraged us to say we offer an "unfair advantage." We appreciate their enthusiasm for the quality of our work and directly attribute our success to the our three distinct characteristics:

Strategy and Implementation

To evolve fresh and exciting ideas into practical business solutions requires strategic concepts, deep experience in execution and practical skills to make them work expediently. Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. differs from most consulting firms because of its proven ability to help you generate fresh, new solutionsand implement them effectively.

We help clients create new ways to approach issues and then work with them to ensure they are successful. You don’t have a report dropped on your desk. We work with your team to invent and drive a plan to successful results.

Extraordinary Expertise

Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. provides clients with superior expertise. Our highly experienced senior-level staff is capable of engaging with the most demanding and selective clients to deliver effective, accelerated solutions.

Our staff includes experts in communications, strategic planning, finance, business operations, sales and marketing, human resources planning and organizational development. It is current on all subjects and ensures clients’ learning curves on important topics are quick and relevant.

Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. senior consultants have both strong academic credentials and extensive professional and management experience in business, industry, government and education.

Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. is the only boutique firm capable of handling issues which typically have been the province of research giants. For example, Cascade®, our advanced research method, is the most precise, powerful research method available. Since its development in 1982, Cascade has delivered a complete solution to the research needs of more than two hundred of the world’s leading companies including: Apple Computer, Chrysler, General Electric, IBM, Intel and Philips Corporation.

Results from Cascade have earned Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. two corporate awards for its contributions to organizational research.

The Cascade attitudinal research system delivers a complete solution to all clients seeking powerful strategies for corporate identity, product positioning, market research, employee attitudes, change navigation and corporate communication.

Remarkable Chemistry

We enjoy an excellent chemistry with each of our clients. Our clients develop close working relationships with members of our team— relationships which blossom into strong and lasting friendships.

It is true in business that when you hire a partner organization, you actually hire people. In the words of our clients, “Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. people are a diverse team of experts whose competence is made even more valuable by professional integrity, personal honesty, and a consistent willingness to ‘tell it straight. To top it off, they are fun to work with!”

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