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About Us

In today’s dynamic , competitive business environment, reacting to change no longer is enough. To succeed in volatile markets, you must have the vision to anticipate the drivers of change, along with the ability to execute innovation strategies which are unfettered by conventional thinking.

The process of evolving fresh and exciting ideas into practical business solutions requires strategic concepts and the practical skills to make them work. What makes Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. different from other firms is our proven ability to – passionately – help you invent and implement ideas successfully.

It is said Michelangelo has the vision to see hidden form in an unfinished block of marble. Yet, his real genius was implementing his vision – sculpting the abstract form into a work of art for all to see.

Positioning a company, product, or a market is much the same. Research provides you with the vision to see the form. Yet, it requires strategic planning and expert execution to set it free.

Our firm is here to support your growth by offering you access to fresh, original ideas from senior people in a wide range of expertise -- including research, strategy, program management and team leadership.

It is our aim to:

1) understand the natural talent and raw ingredients for success a client possesses,
2) help define ways to make the most of this potential, and
3) offer fresh ideas and our talent to bring these dreams to life.

 “Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. people are experts whose competence is  made even more valuable by their professional integrity, personal honesty, and a consistent willingness to “tell it straight.”

Bruce Wood, EPower Synergies

Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. is a rare mid-sized firm capable of handling issues which typically have been the province of large organizations. For example, Cascade®,our advanced research method has won awards for developing successful positioning strategies for many of the world’s leading corporations.

What’s more, our relatively medium size ensures you have direct, personal access to everyone in our firm – highly qualified professionals with experience and current knowledge in their areas of specialty.

Our multi-disciplinary team is able to bring you an integrated approach to any challenge you face.

We enjoy an excellent chemistry with our clients. As our clients grow to know us, we develop close working relationships that blossom into strong and lasting friendships.  We are proud to have maintained our professional and personal relationships with clients for three decades.

Original thinking, diversity of expertise and professional candor are all factors which have set Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. apart from other advisory firms since 1982. Call to meet us and learn more!

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