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Corporate Governance

“ There is a call today for dramatic change to move from traditional governance to concrete performance. Companies and investors should recognize firms have multiple constituencies and many types of investors, and they should seek to balance the interests in accordance with their influence on the corporation’s long-term success.”

- The Aspen Institute
Guiding Principles for Corporations and Investors

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Better performing boards make for better companies. Research around the globe shows effective boards are more likely to have fresh perspectives, see a broader context and have more efficient procedures to get the work done.

Hamlin Harkins, Ltd. is deeply committed to ensuring its clients stay abreast of the dynamic, fast-changing regulations and practices that make for good governance. It created a separate corporate division to address all matters of corporate governance, including:

  • Assessment and availability of vetted, qualified directors;
  • Education and certification training of directors;
  • Board advisory services;
  • Pre-IPO board readiness coaching and advice;
  • Board dynamics improvement;
  • Best practices in management of board issues;
  • Annual board evaluations;
  • Research on best and changing practices globally related to all governance matters.

Our corporate division – Intrabond Capital – offers services to companies who enroll as members of our Global Governance Community. Both corporate members and individual members benefit from a full array of services at discounted, member rates.

To learn more about our services, review our site: www.boardwise.biz.

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